The island of Samos is the eighth biggest Greek island and lies in the northeastern part of the Aegean sea, 1,200 metres from the shores of Turkey. It’s a very lush, green and beautiful island full of gorgeous beaches.

Samos is a mountainous island and it has two high mountains, the rough and rocky Kerketeus with a height of 1443 meters and the fertile Ambelos with a height of 1160 meters.
The high mountains contribute to the many rainfalls that shower the island in the wintertime.
This is the reason for the lush vegetation of Samos and the many rich freshwater springs.

There are few plains, the largest one is the plain of Chora, which is in the south side of the island and is bounded by the villages of Chora, Pythagoreio, Miloi and Pagondas.
The major cities are Samos, Pythagorio and Karlovassi. It’s easy to get around either by Bus or car/moped. Ask the local tourist information for a bus timetable.
Samos is the birthplace of both the great mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, whose theories had a great effect on mathematics and Aristarchus an astronomer and mathematician who is celebrated as the first to propose a sun-centred universe.
Samos is also well known for it’s sweet wine made from the Moschato Aspro grape.

Travel to Samos

Samos is a very popular holiday destination and you should be able to find package holidays from most European countries. If you prefer to travel independently you will find that Samos is well connected to nearby islands or mainland Greece via ferry and there are daily flights to the island.
Some package tour operators are offering flights only deals, if you shop around or book early you might get hold of a really cheap flight to Samos.

Accommodation – Hotels

Although many hotels are booked by large tour operators during high season you probably will not have to big a trouble finding a hotel, pension or other accommodation suiting your needs whenever you choose to visit Samos.

Getting around Samos

You will have no problem renting a car or vespa/scooter since there is an abundance of car rental agencies on Samos, ask your tour operator or hotel for recommendations.
The bus service on the island is excellent and you are able to reach most destinations by bus although you must make sure not to miss the last bus of the day …