Samos is a rather large Greek island located in the northeastern part of the Aegean sea. It’s a very lush, green and beautiful island full of gorgeous beaches. Although Samos has several fine archaeological sites such as the temple of Hera, the island is most famous for excellent beaches and abundant opportunities for walking, mountain biking and windsurfing.

The purpose of this site is to present the beautiful beaches on Samos as thoroughly as possible. Pertinent information, including directions, is offered to some of the less known and secluded beaches, as well as to more popular ones. Some of the most beautiful beaches on Samos are only accessible on foot and thus ideal if you enjoy walking and spending time alone on a private beach.

There is a beach for everyone on Samos. Find your favourite beach using Samos Beaches!

This is a work in progress, comments and contributions such as photos and beach reviews are more then welcome. Please don’t hesitate to share information about your favourite beach on Samos.