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Mikro Seitani

General information

Mikro Seitani is a small secluded beach situated on the mountainous northwest coast of Samos. There aren't any roads to this part of the island, so the only way to reach the beach is on foot.

The beach in itself is not worth the walk, it's however a very nice beach to stop at for a swim on the way from or to Megalo Seitani but probably not a beach you would like to spend the whole day at. Due to its remoteness you shouldn't be surpriced to see some skinny dipping from fellow walkers.
The beach consists of pebbles and is surrounded by rocks.



From Karlovassi walk towards and past Potomi beach, on its steady rise up the mountain side the road will go from tarmac to gravel after about 15 minutes. Ignore the first track off to your right, follow the next path on the right a couple of minutes later. The path is marked by highly visible red arrows and dots. Continue on this path as it goes past a stone hut on your right and meanders down through olive groves. The walk is beautifully documented with many good photos at Samos Media.

Updated: 2015-04-06

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